Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy for Adults 18 and Over


In individual psychotherapy (also known as “talk therapy” or “counseling”), clients meet one-on-one with a licensed psychotherapist in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment. Sessions are scheduled at specific appointment times and are 45-55 minutes in length. Psychotherapists help clients to identify problems that are causing them distress, clarify aspects of their lives they want to change, and set goals for how they would like their life to be different at the end of treatment. Both the client and the psychotherapist take an active role in psychotherapy treatment – the psychotherapist creates a treatment plan based on scientifically-supported treatment techniques and tailored to meet the client’s unique needs and wishes; the client consistently attends appointments, learns new skills and practices skills between appointments.

Examples of possible areas of focus in treatment include helping clients to identify problematic thought or behavior patterns and teaching strategies to change these patterns, teaching clients new skills and coping strategies, and giving clients feedback that allows them to gain new perspectives on their problems so they can better understand themselves and others. Overall, psychotherapy is a dynamic process always tailored to the unique strengths, needs, wishes, and personality of each client, making it both an art and a science.

People seek psychotherapy for many different reasons, including, but not limited to, overcoming anxiety or depression, coping with life challenges like chronic pain, infertility or loss of a loved one, overcoming traumatic experiences that continue to negatively impact their lives, or making major decisions like whether or not to stay in a relationship. Depending on the problem, psychotherapists and clients may work together for just a few sessions or many months depending on the client’s needs and the severity of the problem. 

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