Individual Meditation Instruction

Individual Meditation Instruction


Mindfulness meditation is based on a centuries-old traditional Tibetan meditation practice. Over the past 20 years, mindfulness has been increasingly used in Western behavioral medical settings as an adjunctive treatment strategy in pain management clinics, cancer treatment centers, and in the treatment of a variety of stress-related physiological disorders. More recently, research has demonstrated the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation in improving the ability to cope with everyday life stressors, manage feelings of anxiety, depression, compulsive / emotional eating, and other impulse-control disorders including addictions.

In addition, many individuals are interested in learning to meditate as a strategy for feeling more grounded and centered, and to deepen their patience and compassion in dealing with, and relating to others.

At RBPS, Dr DeRosa offers individual meditation instruction to those interested in learning this life-enhancing practice, taking a step-by-step approach that allows even those convinced that they could never learn to meditate to develop a consistent meditation practice. Please note, depending on each individual’s specific needs, insurance may, or may not, reimburse for this service.


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